Agota Rimšaitė, Ipanema

Agota Rimšaitė


“Ipanema” is a leisurely chaiselounge, designed to protect its user’s privacy and peace, and visually inspired by plant motifs and round, aquatic shapes. “Ipanema’s” light and dynamic construction consists of two intersecting ellipses. Due to its soft, leaf-like shapes, the chaiselounge gives off a feeling of safety and comfort. The mobile side part allows to raise and lower the roof according to one’s need for privacy. A transparent, scale-like material of the roof shields the user and casts a shadow, but does not cover them entirely, so one can remain isolated but still observe the environment. The side construction casts a leaflike shadow, which makes lounging in “Ipanema” feel like lying under a palm tree.
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Vilnius Academy of Arts
Vilnius faculty

Supervisor: prof. dr. Vytautas Kibildis

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