Virginija Valeišaitė


The models of CIRCUS weremcreated to reflect the uniqueness of each character. Despite the differently interpreted combinations of fabrics, forms and garments, the look and feel of the collection stays solid. PIERROT is a cult character from Commedia dell'Arte, a sad clown naively searching for love, a loner that is always laughed at and perceived as stupid.

HARLEQUIN is a greedy, cunning, opportunistic narcissist and a selfish vassal who changes lovers just to get along with his lord. Loves the taste of victory and will do anything for it.

ACROBAT's performance requires special balance, liveliness and coordination. This Artist knows the rules and how to get behind them, he is inconspicuous and adapts very fast.
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Vilnius Academy of Arts
Vilnius faculty

Costume design department

Supervisor: prof. dr. Jolanta Vazalinskienė