Agnė Alesiūtė


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Assoc. prof. Virgilijus Trakimavičius

The main idea of the work – to create the opportunity for people who do not have ideal conditions and a lack of knowledge to grow their own ecological herbs at home. There is a variety of 7 herbs‘ types that it is possible to choose from. When a user buys the packet, immediatelly he receives the envelope-sized collapsible plant pot and leaflet, which consists of information how to grow the herb, its medical characteristics, where it is possible to use it (one recipe is added). Later, it is practical to keep the leaflet in the pocket of a plant pot. Every text is illustrated with particular illustrations, which help to memorize the information. Also, all herbs, depending on the characteristics that are identified by (bloom, leaves or seeds), have an individual schedule.

The packet is ecological: PLA plastic is used for the plant pot, which decompose within 160 days, thus young herbs can be sowed with the whole plant pot. It is suggested to use ecological recycled brown paper for the envelope and leaflet. Also, this packet can be used as a souvenir or handsel because its value is much bigger: the cost of ecological herbs’ production is rather high, however the viability of seeds and quality is guaranteed for the consumer.

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