Agnė Charašauskaitė

Men and women prêt–à–porter collection „Transformation / Alter“

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Prof. dr. Jolanta Vazalinskienė

This project is a collaboration with graphic designer Arnas Augutis. Together, we worked on a fashion collection and accompanying graphics which explore the issues we are concerned about. This fashion collection is a story of transformation, a narrative of liberation from internal and external disharmonies, of removing oneself from the collective camouflage. Its starting point is the notion of human mimicry, adaptation, blending with the environment, growing thick outer layers to hide one’s true self, which is brimming with experience and emotion – and fear to reveal them. The only way out is to throw off all masks, strip away the outer layers and reveal one’s true self, unchained by social norms, free from dictated and self-imposed rules, internally and externally harmonious, unafraid to maintain their individual self in a homogenous context.

„Transformation / Alter“ is an evolution, a change, a shift. It is the intersection of one’s inner and outer self, where one is no longer capable of feigning and blending into cold city walls. In this transient state, an inner revolt, a silent revolution begins: chin raised, eyes aflame with a stormy gaze, blood of freedom circulating in the body which can no longer squeeze into the comfortable robe of conformism. It is a decision to no longer associate oneself with the masses, to become an independent, free personality. “Transformation / Alter” is the courage to exit one’s comfort zone, to stand out, stop chasing short-lived trends. It is a decision to be true to oneself: to be a person without a mask.

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