Ainė Petrulaitytė


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Assoc. prof. Povilas Juškaitis (in partnership with Miromax)

The theme of ecology was determined by its relevance: the changes of climate, development of renewable power sources, recycling of materials – these factors are important to everyone. The set of assembled electrical bicycle, that the company “Miromax” sells, was used for the ecological vehicle‘s production: wheelengine, battery, speed and brake controls.

Laconic shape, comfortable electrical scooter has plain construction: the framework is not hidden by the „shells“, but distinguishes for its aesthetic. In this project, there are no plastic details, which are usually used in other similar kinds of vehicles, that would cover constructions. The possibility to charge the battery comfortably is emphasized: battery cell is charged in a special case, which would protect from the rain, mud, direct sun and theft. If there is a need to replace the battery, it is possible to remove it from the vehicle structure easily. The scooter cannot be fold and as distinct from motor-scooter, the position of seat and handlebar does not change, so there are no elements that would increase the cost or aggravate the production. Sheet part that is used as a base for feet and battery case may be produced of various
materials: aluminium sheet, armoured plastic, organic glass, plywood. This variety enables to create different colours and factures. Reflectors on the sides, illuminators in the front and back of the vehicle – these are the necessary elements for a safe trip in the city.

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