Aleksandra Glušinaitė


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Lect. Laura Pavilonytė

“Meshkatrons” in some meaning is an auto portrait – the projection of the people that are surrounding me and my own personality. The inner and outer sides of this clothing are equally important. With the meanings of different sides I visualize the difference between how we perceive ourselves and how others see us. Formation of the outside – it is a creation of the personage, which represents me in the social media. I am creating myself with a mirror reflection principle – I look like others see me. Under the chameleon image resides secret thought, feeling, expectation…chaos. The lining – how I perceive myself: divided, constantly changing and chaotic. Three different décors of the lining of the costume emphasize inconstant and inert personality. It is an intimate personal space where I let the others in only in exceptional cases. All three costumes are visually similar: uncomplicated design, continuous form, surface texture reminding an animal fur. I do not try to achieve to represent an existing specific animal, but am creating a personal personage. It is my materialized thoughts about how I perceive myself and others – a formation of a created personage and personality.

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