Andrius Žemaitis


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Assoc. prof. Saulius Jarašius

Electromotorcycle is distinguished for its laconic biodesign. The first stage was marked by designing the construction of the inside of the motorcycle: underframe, battery box, rear fork. The engine is placed in the one-piece cast rear fork, the transmission to the rear wheel is delivered through cardan-shaft. During the second stage the exterior was designed: frame, seat, dashboards, lamps, method of charging the battery.

The design of the motorcycle consists of three parts: static, laconic, dominant frame, plastic (mobile) seat and small details (lamps, driver’s panel and others). The prevailing features of the motorcycle are plastic shapes of biodesign with strict, static headlights; there is ergonomic plane for feet at the bottom of the frame. The design of the frame is characteristic of electromotorcycle style because it signifies the rectangular battery box which lies inside of the structure.

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