Arnas Skalskis

Interior design concept for „LAK Ultra Light“ glider

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Supervisor: doc. Juozas Brundza

Until very recently, piloting a flying vehicle was only accessible to a few due to high costs in all areas of aviation and the difficult process of acquiring a piloting license. But as years went by, the numbers of those wishing to soar into endless heights just kept growing with their desire, and nowadays it is possible to obtain an amateur piloting license. The digital and manufacturing technologies also kept evolving unstoppably, which allowed new air transport categories to emerge. One of them is the class of ultra light airships, which this project is focused on.

The concept of “LAK Ultra Light” glider interior design was developed in collaboration with LAK glider manufacturing company, aiming to create an exceptional cabin design, suitable for amateur and professional pilots alike. The interior is engineered according to three main objectives: decrease the weight as much as possible, create an intuitive control system and a comfortable cabin space for the pilot. The interior design echoes the glider’s exterior with its simple, aerodynamic shapes, giving visual coherence to the whole LAK Ultra Light glider.

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