Arūnas Sukarevičius


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Assoc. prof. Povilas Juškaitis

It is a personal piece of furniture designed for using at home. It is comprised of two parts: frame and its ‘robe’-slipcover. The armchair can be used with or without the slipcover. A variety of different fabrics and colour variations could be fi tted for the current base so it may easily vary according to the user’s character – from the chair wearing a modest suit to a punkrocker.

Pockets are the most private places forkeeping things; they are intended not only for things but also for hands – keeping, hiding and warming them up. The pockets of the armchair are designed to keep small, often personal, things, i.e. book, pipe, pens and others. After putting hands in the pockets one may be touched emotionally. It is a different sitting position which allows one to feel safer, more homely or maybe even braver.

Mes naudojame slapukus. Slapukai reikalingi, kad svetainė galėtų tinkamai funkcionuoti. Nuo jų priklauso funkcinis svetainės veikimas ir išvaizda.