Asta Grigaitytė


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Assoc. prof. Renata Maldutienė

The main idea of the collection „gentle. MANLY“ – the change of woman‘s image in contemporary society, frequent gender roles transposition in social space. Today’s women – superheroes, making a career, making money for herself and her family (it’s the sign of masculinity), and on the other hand, they are very feminine, gentle and delicate. The symbol of the collection was chosen to be a tailcoat, which dominated in XIX England during the Industrial Revolution. It is a hint to masculinity, which is represented by strong, smooth line design, rectangular shape and structure. Cold colours are transformed in different ways in outerwear. To keep the balance with strict forms of the tailcoat – feminine details from a delicate fabrics were used: silk, chiffon, organza, lace, nude stockings till the knees of transparent floral backing decorated with flakes and beads. Combining all these materials, the image of woman is being created and a question is asked, when in fact she is strong

Also the collection „gentle. MANLY“ is searching for new silhouette and forms: the usage of classical male costume design and soft feminine fabrics gives the ability to take a fresh look into the technological aspects of the product (sewing technology, processing, etc.) This collection also meets the requirements of functionality and applicability.

Photos Deivis Lukas
Models Ugnė Čižiūnaitė (Baltic Model Managment), Simona Samojauskaitė (Image Group)

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