Vilnius Academy of Arts
Supervisor – professor Valmantas Gutauskas

The unconventional adornment “Consciousness” is a combination of glass and metal containing a moss structure within. The object’s plastic design represents the pulsation of life molded into a shape. These accessories are designed for people who suffer from stress, fatigue or loneliness. While taking care of the moss you not only turn your attention towards the plant, but also get an opportunity to relax by simply observing it. When presented with moisture, the moss recovers in mere seconds, therefore you also get a chance to glimpse at life’s renewal and transformation.

This work of art correlates growth with consciousness. Consciousness is a state of clear and sharp mind that helps to focus on present inner and outer experiences. When fully conscious, you are able to observe your own feelings and thoughts as if from a distance without any prejudice and, moreover, control yourself and your emotions.

Consciousness may only be achieved by training one’s attentiveness to surroundings. This practice is quite simple; however, it requires constant and consistent effort. It helps to improve the relationship both with oneself and other people, teaches patience and discipline. The accessory serves as a meditation bell that reminds about the importance of focusing not only on one’s external image, but also on the inner state.

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