Austėja Pajarskaitė

Social posters „Consumer manipullation“

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Lect. Andrejus Repovas

The topic of communication design project – manipulation in ads, specifically – offers/sales manipulation. There are many victims of sales and offers in contemporary consumer society. Shopping abundance of bright color combinations makes consumer to feel dizzy, and often consumer forgets what he/she actually needs and wants to buy. Then they usually are buying unnecessary goods. Traders and advertising agencies are trying to manipulate the appearance of products and use the appropriate slogans in regard to sell more its’ production. The series of social posters seeks to increase consumers’ perception how they are manipulated. The designer seeks to say: “Buy the product not the offer!”.

Mes naudojame slapukus. Slapukai reikalingi, kad svetainė galėtų tinkamai funkcionuoti. Nuo jų priklauso funkcinis svetainės veikimas ir išvaizda.