Birutė Simokaitytė


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Prof. Jolanta Talaikytė

The starting point of the work – a human hair. Various weaves, hair cuts are used to create the décor of collection. Hair for a scientist – inexplicable thing, full of different theories and mystique. Hair for the designer – a symbol, phenomenon intended to establish the DNR of human‘s identity. What is more interesting, a hair has more meanings: it becomes the symbol of naturalness, innocence and erotica. Hair embodies woman in this collection: innocent, strict, sensitive, seductive. The aim of the designer – invoking the symbol of the hair to create the distinctive principle of the décor, which would help to take a look in it through various angles. In the collection “Symbol. HAIR” it is aiming to reveal the identity of bohemian strong and elegant woman through the formed classical clothing décor image and to embody the hair in different factures, elements of ornamented décor, also to use new, non-traditional fabrics.

Photos by Kernius Pauliukonis, makeup and hair Jelena Liaudinienė, models Kornelija Lankininkaitė and Julija Minkevičiūtė (CatWalk).

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