Clara Tosi Pamphili

Clara Tosi Pamphili is a multifaceted professional in the applied arts field, seamlessly integrating art, design, architecture and fashion with cinema, reflecting the essence of Italian creativity. As vice president of PalaExpo, Italy’s largest museum centre, she oversees exhibitions and performances across its three locations. Clara is also the creator of the A.I. Artisanal Intelligence event, which promotes Italian craftsmanship at AltaRoma and various international venues in collaboration with museums and art galleries.

From 2005 to 2010, Clara directed the Academy of Costume and Fashion and currently is a course leader at Fashion and Costume Department at NABA. She has taught History of Fashion Design and Research Techniques at the Academy of Costume and Fashion and Faculty of Architecture in Rome Ludovico Quaroni. As the curator of Sartoria Farani and a key figure for Annamode Tailoring, Clara collaborates with various Roman costume tailoring companies, creating global exhibitions and projects on fashion and costume. She also consults for Mondomostre and writes about fashion, costume and cinema for Artribune.

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