Dalia Kemeklytė

Augmented reality application REPUBLIC OF THE PAST

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Lect. Marius Žalneravičius

“Republic of the Past” is an application which offers a possibility to get to know the forgotten and unique stories of Užupis, which are not included into tourist guides. Directing the camera of a smart-phone or a tablet to a chosen building, it will be automatically recognized by the application and on the screen starts an animation on one of the architectural parts presenting the past of that place. The prosperity of the Red-light district, activity of oncological disease clinic, the installation of water pipe system – only a few of the stories, which are little or totally unknown not only to foreign tourists but to the citizens of Vilnius themselves. Even though the real application is not finished at the moment, the beta version already recognizes selected buildings of Užupis and shows one of the animations. In the future, the project could be developed extending its geographical territory (taking in not only other districts of Vilnius, but the whole Lithuania) and also including more unique stories. Moreover, that animation can be moved to video projections and show them on the buildings, for example during the “Let there be Night”. Music for the animations was created by Marius Salynas, building pictures taken by Laura Vanagaitytė.

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