Special needs aid for elderly people DAY+AID

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Supervisor lect. Deividas Juozulynas

The series consists of 5 different objects intended to be used for the full-day care of elderly people. The project’s idea is glued together by the scenario of the daily routine, because a vulnerable person needs constant full-day care. “day+aid” products were created with regard to special needs of elderly people, therefore their shape, thickness and volume is not accidental, but, in fact, specially adapted to the age group of elderly people.

The series consists of 5 objects for using when taking care of an elderly person and for ensuring his or her safety and health:
1. Supporting cane
2. Spoon
3. Medicine tumbler
4. Ergotherapic trainer
5. Communications ring

The series was created in collaboration with physicians and complies to the main requirements, such as function, ergonomics, simplicity, convenience, intuitive use and sterile appearance. The aesthetic style of the objects is uniform and harmonious.

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