Vilniaus kolegija
Docent Loreta Gerulaitienė

The collection employs certain styles favored by “rebel” youth. These styles are widely known and used in street fashion, e.g. fetish, trash and pseudo-luxury, that are sometimes collectively called luxurious trash. It is exactly this combination of styles that is very particular to night-life, full of club-culture and drugs, and that is exactly how bold style decisions were made when searching for inspiration for the collection INSOMNIA.

Young club-goers often sacrifice sleep, the lack of which eventually causes insomnia. Sleep disorders might be viewed as a kind of self-destruction which is very prominent in the whole collection. Young people don’t have enough money for designer clothes, therefore they create their own style by using second-hand clothing which they combine with unusual details, sometimes even made from everyday household objects.

This collection offers a new attitude towards irregular fashion that is inspired by the underground night-life culture.

Photographer: Rūta Jankauskaitė | Model: Karolina Kromalcaitė | MUA: Sidas

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