Dmitrij Jakovlev


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Lect. Saulius Jusonis

Each year, the Old Town of Klaipėda finds difficulties to compete with the supermarkets, so the place is gradually losing popularity among tourists and city residents. Most city visitors do not know that a large part of the Klaipėda city was destroyed right after the Second World War and those who get a chance to know constantly talk about it, observing the changes and share old photos, copies of postcards or engravings.

“Unseen Klaipėda” is a unique product, which distinguishes from the city‘s real museums by its conception and graphic image. This mobile application gives you the ability to explore the old town like you are walking in it. This virtual museum is easily accessible and interactive. The name, trademark, graphic image, user interface, figuration and integral camera are being created for the programme. Also, a city‘s navigation system is created in order to help people to orient in surroundings.

This programme can be used in three modes: maps, information and monitoring. In maps mode, it is possible to plan the route – this enables you to select the most appropriate way. In information mode, the user is able to read or hear the information about the sightseeings in Klaipėda. In monitoring mode, it is possible to see former buildings in the places of the recent ones.

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