Domas Kaunas

People and time – an infrastructural project

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Prof. Audrius Klimas

In the 20th century the development of the society reached such a level that after a break of couple of centuries, people are again getting interested in their roots. It is as if the reaction to the cosmopolitism – the want to get to know and describe yourself, find your place in time and rapidly changing consumer’s world. Almost every person can collect his family history and contemporary means help to do it faster than ever. Genealogical knowledge is comprised of texts, pictures and schemes, but usually all this information exists separately. The purpose of the project was to create an infrastructure which would connect this information so that the exploration of one’s root would be smooth and comprehensive process. For the realisation of the infrastructure a form of nonstandard book was chosen. The book is comprised out of three parts: texts, pictures and genealogical schemes. All these parts are connected with graphic junctions, which help to find the information about every person, his relations with other and at the same time to see the full picture.

The other important part of this project is the application of genealogical schemes. The most common scheme to date is the family tree, based on the linear marking expressing the relation between people. Unfortunately, this scheme is non-universal and thus it was decide to research the variety of genealogical schemes. After the research, the most suitable schemes were selected and new schemes were created. The application of different schemes allows the family history to be presented informatively and have a total picture which is not seen in the text information.

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