Dominyka Barkauskaitė

Visual feelings of the sound

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Prof. Vytautas Kibildis

Can we share and juggle sensations as apples? Traditional quintet of the senses: hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch. The designer seeks to refute the traditional concept of the senses and she is mostly interested in synesthesia – neurological phenomenon in which certain senses merge into a single stream. The goal of the project – to offer an innovative audio object – installations which activates not only the consumerist needs but also the inner human senses. Sound can create the form and become the instrument that conveys the frequencies through visual pattern. For this reason, it was invoked minimalist geometric forms do not compete with the music disseminated ripple. The key element is the vibrations and dynamic breather flat inspired by biological bodies’ textures and their ripples. The user can select individual sound picture by musical style or emotion. The project also has a light source that reacts to sound frequencies. Light takes on physical form, highlights the figure, and exacerbates emotion. The visualized sound is live “painted”.
The user has the opportunity to see what they hear because the music embodies the form; the touch becomes a melodic and the light could be listened.

Mes naudojame slapukus. Slapukai reikalingi, kad svetainė galėtų tinkamai funkcionuoti. Nuo jų priklauso funkcinis svetainės veikimas ir išvaizda.