Dominykas Budinas

PICKIT Modular Pickup Truck

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Supervisor: doc. Šarūnas Šlektavičius

A pickup truck is, essentially, a car with an open-type storage compartment. Invented in North America, this type of automobile has spread all over the world, it is suitable for personal and commercial use. The base of a pickup truck is perfect for specialized transport, it can be easily modified to suit different needs. After exploring more possibilities for its use and adding several modules, a system was created allowing to quickly change the purpose of the car: the concept of a modular pickup truck. Four main functional segments were selected for PICKIT: the open storage module for wide spectrum use; camper module for outdoor trips; passenger module for human transportation and a carrier module for transportation of other vehicles. To connect these modules with the car a fully automatized slope-based lifting system has been designed. PICKIT is a system, giving a wider use to the automobile.

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