Dovydas Puolikas

Attention development game for preschool children

Assoc. prof. dr. Kristė Kibildytė – Klimienė

This game develops three different attention functions: selection, concentration, and shifting. A child account is created in the app. The child creates their own personal Toto. After registering and indicating the child’s age, tasks of appropriate difficulty are generated. Each task (its difficulty) is generated, thus expanding the possibilities and making the game long- lasting. The app also calculates the time it takes to complete a task, but the child is not shown the time to not feel tense. Time measurement indicates which tasks are the most difficult and should be returned to more often. The block is used as a comfortable object to be used in a child’s life. In order for the child to feel progress and the ability to concentrate, the game should be played twice a week for 20 minutes.