Edita Daraškaitė

Life relations in an urbanized context. The problem of wild animal habitats. Design solutions for wild animal habitats in urban infrastructure

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Associate professors: Prof. Juozas Brundza, Lekt. Gintarė Černiauskaitė

This research paper examines artificial habitats for wildlife in an urbanized context. Research is being done with biology specialists and design solutions are being considered that may prevent the extinction of animal species. Habitats are important to help restore species populations, so it is planned to create artificial habitats with children’s education in mind, who could create artificial habitats themselves in extracurricular activities. During the project, three artificial habitats were created for selected wild animals: the common swift, the hedgehog and the crayfish. Supplementary instructions have been created on how to build artificial habitats. Creative workshops were held at Rokiškis Art School.