Eglė Bačianskaitė

The Room of Inner Quiet

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Supervisor: assoc. prof. Ramūnas Banys

“The Room of Inner Quiet” is a project based on the biography and work of Lithuanian philosopher Vydūnas, aiming to demonstrate the relevance of his philosophy and personality to the contemporary viewer. Inner Quiet is Vydūnas’ definition of a state of being with oneself, which allows for deeper selfknowledge. This theme is explored in a modern exhibition, which, during the time the viewer spends with themselves, introduces them to the author’s main ideas. A modern and interactive space of touch, sound and light, and the philosophy of Vydūnas are positioned in the synthesis of historical thought and contemporary technology. Attractively displayed, the information in the museum becomes more accessible and understandable to viewers of various ages.

Based on the original illustration “Man with his various spirits and their forces” from Vydūnas’ book “Health. Youngness. Beauty”, a LED installation is constructed. A motion sensor turns it on once the viewer walks in. Etched on a phenol-covered plywood sheet is a graphic of three circles. The outer circle consists of lines which symbolize the “Spirit–Soul, the Essential I”; the middle circle – spheres – are “the spirit of thoughts, the Thinking I”; the central circle – “the spirit of feelings, The Changing I”. As the viewer approaches the centre, the lights turn on from the outer circle inwards. In the centre, one can observe vertical light projections, symbolically evoking rain or wood trunks. In front of the viewer is a tablet displaying them in the screen. Observing oneself in the exhibition expands on the theme of being and diving into oneself. Each LED circle on the ceiling and floor is connected to a sound installation, which synchronizes with the lights. Modern, yet calming technological sounds were selected, reminiscent of the wind, bird songs or falling stone.

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