Emilija Jasiulytė

“Portmantò”. The duality of security and uncertainty as an inspiration for an artist

Assoc. prof. Jolanta Talaikytė

“Portmantò” is about human feelings – anxiety about the unknown and the search for comfort. The collection transforms feelings into garments that become a reflection of the past, carried into the future. The name of the collection “Portmantò” is born from the French word “portmanteau”, which is 1) a suitcase opening into two parts – a reference to the sentimental carriers appearing in the collection; 2) a linguistic tool combining two words into one – an allusion to security and the unknown that are combined/harmonised in the project. Walking in the unknown, adapting to the new, and using the affection for the past are above the form, which is the artist’s most precious tool.