Evelina Kudabaitė

GIRIA. Lithuanian tree dishes

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Lect. Severija Inčirauskaitė – Kriaunevičienė, Assoc. prof. Julija Mazūrienė

The created objects demonstrate how materials considered as waste can be transformed into sustainable design by using the traditional crafts. The transformation process is the rebirth of a tree into new objects – dishes. This process is an allusion into the urban person’s connection with the nature, bringing forest mood to the table. This is a collecton of dishes consisted bottle, bowl, two large plates, two small plates and  small bowls. Tree dishes are experimental result of a process in which the material was searched using all parts of the waste wood and organic binders in order to extract color and texture. During the experiment designer analyzed unconventional work with wood, a different way to shape that reminded the culinary process.

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