Gaudrė Murauskaitė

Career (r)evolution

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Lect. Marius Žalneravičius

Changes are always followed by new and unexpected results – either it would be a cage man’s evolutions or The French Revolution. Only changes determine the further future, which is unavoidable without the interaction between evolution and revolution, needed for creating and forming an original and pioneering idea. The results from a research based on principles of visual journalism are revealed in the publication “(R)evolution”. It reflects the last 25 years of Vilnius Academy of Arts graduates’ equal and unequal journeys through professional planes.

In the infographics poster-cover the specific numbers obtain significance and show the situation after studies in contemporary context as well as reveal the relation of communication between graduates and the Academy. Project attracts attention into distinct and popular interdisciplinarity, which often helps to take unexpected and original solutions. In the research the change of every graduate specialization degree and result, which is fatal in creating new and progressive community, is important. The publication also exists in electronic space (tablet or smart-phone), so it is suitable for innovative curious persons.

The project with the documentary nature presents authentic material (answers to questions, photos illustrating works or activities) which was collected from authors themselves or indicated internet pages through various channels of communication: e-mails, messages on social networks, calls.

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