Gaudutė Žilytė

Furniture LULA

The main idea of “Lula” is to look at foam as the key construction material and to reveal its fundamental sculpting properties; by using soft organic shapes, to create a piece of furniture that brings a sense of coziness and safety, embraces the human body, and hugs it thus allowing it to doze off for a moment. Caressed by foam one feels relaxed – “Lula” softly adapts to body contours and provides support for comfort. “Lula” is an expression of modern aesthetics and a biomorphic piece of furniture – its shape changes depending on how one sits on it. Since “Lula” was created in cooperation with LONAS company, the hollow shape is created by bending a circle-shaped plane of 180 cm in diameter. A sheet of foam rubber is then bent into its dimensional, sculpture-like shape.

“Lula” comes in a couple of shapes – with four or three tension points. “Lula” with four tension points keeps the body above the ground – one can fall on it for a nap from any side. “Lula” with three-point tension is transformed by the body weight and provides support to one’s back and arms. Various shapes and softness of “Lula” can be achieved by adjusting the tension points.

Although the clocks are ticking faster and faster, it is important to pause sometimes and relax. A short nap is beneficial not only to children or the elderly, but also to working or studying youth. A 20-30 min. nap improves productivity, emotional and physical well-being, cognitive brain activity and memory, as well as learning processes.

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