Giedrė Anužytė


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Assic. prof. J. Vazalinskienė

Sunny phenomenon FRECKLES takes on a new format. It assumes the power of migration after having become graphics of clothing and print on fabric. Now freckles are not only shifting elements on face or body – they have a new vision and throw down a different challenge. A new freckled fabric has been created (by applying the technique of direct and sublimation printing, the freckled print was transferred on fabric); it can be used for any type of garment, irrespective of stylistics (and even outside the framework of costume design). Primarily, the street fashion and everyday summer things were chosen as objects for realisation. The collection consists of triangle jackets, minimal-cut dresses, blouses and leggings with freckled print. Careful attention was also given to footwear and handbags. The sphere of fashion design becomes the environment for the stylistic formation of a new culture (a new brand is created), contemporary freckled ethno, which would refer to a positive melancholy, sunny melanin and would have the scent of cinnamon.

Photos by Dalia Čiupailaitė

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