Gintarė Ribikauskaitė

Speculative design project: poison packaging Because_of

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Supervisor: Edvardas Kavarskas

Speculative design project Because_of urges creative people to think about the existing limits of work ethics. In this discussion one should find a particular boundary which could be overstepped. Poison packaging is a provocation, a visual expression of the reasoning that poison was not always an evil thing: from cocaine drops for children in the 19th Century to the packaging of Snoop Dogg’s marihuana in 2015. The Seven Deadly Sins – pride, revenge, passion, obesity, gluttony, envy and vanity were used in the process, each with its own ambassador. The ambassador is a well-known historical figure that poisoned or had been poisoned for particular reasons. The project aimed to make the product as realistic as possible and to provoke discussion about things people are used to talking about silently. Nontoxic search of limits for you and about you.

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