Greta Ūbaitė

MUTED. Artistic Space Concept

„MUTED. Artistic space concept”. MUTED – Multifunctional Upcycled Technology Expansion in Design – is the concept of artistic space related to the multifunctional development of upcycling technologies in design – costume and interior. By using upcycling as a creative method, objects with a multifunctional purpose are created that interact not only with the human body but are also incorporated in the surrounding space. In this way, even when not worn, the products are nevertheless used and made meaningful through their additional function. The idea of the creative project was suggested by the analysis of the cases of upcycling applicability examined in the theoretical work and the implementation of personal creative experiments. For the implementation of the creative project a pretty non-standard material was chosen – nylon tights that became defective during the production phase and thus were no longer suitable for sale.

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