Ieva Radzevičiūtė

Exposition of Lithuanian diacritics OUT OF WORDS AGAIN

Vilnius College of Design
Supervisor – Justė Brukštutė

It is an exposition for getting familiar with Lithuanian diacritical characters. A diacritic is an additional readable sign that is added above, below or next to a letter and that changes the sound value of the letter. The Lithuanian language employs four diacritics: ogonek (ą, ę, į, ų), superdot (ė), caron (č, š, ž) and macron (ū).

The exposition tells about the origin of these diacritics, defines their appearance and gives interesting facts. All the elements involve the visitor and invite him or her to hang the ogoneks, to complete the maze, to take pictures next to the ė wall, to open the door for the caron, to measure one’s height, etc. The exposition ends with an additional construction where visitors are invited to write down the most beautiful words containing diacritics.

This project is aimed at making the diacritics more interesting and relevant, and for that the mobile, modern and interactive exposition was chosen. Its main concept is based on the principle of experiencing, therefore interactive exhibits are used. The project’s goal is to present diacritics and interesting facts surrounding them.

Exposition’s segments: introductory part, stories of the 4 diacritics, and closing part. The introductory part is a display with a short introduction of the exposition, its content and timeline. Main stories of the 4 diacritics are presented in a separate construction, while additional information is supplied on wooden cubes.

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