Ieva Tamutytė

Camp aesthetics: concept and expression in today‘s fashion

Assoc. prof. dr. Renata Maldutienė, Dr. Aušra Trakšelytė

This master’s thesis researches camp phenomenon and its expression in contemporary fashion. Camp is presented as a cultural phenomenon that is socially involved and subject to the zeitgeist, therefore, a hypothesis raised that excessive camp aesthetics can keep its relevance in contemporary fashion by manifesting ecological ideas. Peculiar relationship between camp phenomenon and cultural or material „trash” presented in this study, allows the development of environmentally friendly camp fashion facing the Anthropocene. Creative project shows how camp’s positive approach towards waste, combined with upcycling method, can be adapted in fashion design – a collection of experimental fashion objects made of waste, depicting camp characteristics, is created. This campy fascination with “trash” can be useful not only in fashion, but in changing how we perceive reusing and waste culture in general.