Ieva Užkurataitė

Collection „It is going to rain today“

Vilnius Academy of Arts

The collection asks if the liberation of child’s creativity is the key to searches of true “I”, the further development of creativity. The collection is inspired by Dan Heath’s idea that the ability to express oneself in words, numbers, pictures, music, sounds, gestures improves adaptation, because once you can see your past and the present moment, predict future activity. Rain was chosen on purpose: children mostly depict sky and rain in their paintings. Children’s creativity often is suppressed at early age, which leads to further negative formation of personality. Surrounding persons often pushes children to follow with the crowd but social developments are determined not only by new technologies, but also by unexpected ideas and hypotheses that are often met with skepticism at the beginning. The collection is framed by the designer’s past and present, using her childhood motif.

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