Julija Frodina


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Prof. dr. Jolanta Vazalinskienė, consultant: Marina Kazijeva

The designer was inspired to create the collection ‘Childhood Archaeology’ by a desire to get back to childhood. She has applied the symbol of a merry-go-round, which stands for the circle of life and repetition. The construction of the garment is created using a form of a circle and remainders of fabric that come after having cut a circle. Each garment is double-faced and can be transformed into other variations. The garments also have elements of sportswear: hoods and necks, zips and shoes. There are some elements of avant-garde style as well. The last piece is hand-made, cast using a shape of a shoe sole so the shoe is especially comfortable, made according to all slopes of sole. The internal and external construction of the shoe is made from orthopaedic materials so the footwear is light, ‘breathing’ and comfortable. The footwear is functional and ‘wearable’, it is also an interpretation of a toy.

Model Kristina Bertašiūtė, photos by Andrey Motorichev, make-up Karolina Taraškevič.

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