Justina Navickaitė

Speculative project SOL 01.01.01

With the threat of Earth’s destruction becoming more real, the search for a backup plan become more and more relevant. One of such possibilities is the colonization of Mars. According to NASA scientists, humans will make their first steps on the surface of Mars as soon as 2030, and it is only a matter of time before at least a part of the humankind will resettle to this planet.

“SOL 01.01.01“ is a speculative communicational system for the colonization of Mars, presenting an associative story about this planet and depicting the experience of its inhabitants It is an opportunity to experience something that has not happened yet and to draw possible speculations.

Multisensory perception allows the viewer to get acquainted with Mars and its colonization process. The interactive exposition which helps to create a personal relationship with the Red Planet provides a possibility to visit a place where the human foot has not been yet set.

Through different aesthetic and visual solutions, the project aims at encouraging the public interest in space and at freeing the viewer’s imagination, thus providing an opportunity to acknowledge something that today seems unbelievable.

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