Justinas Dadonas

Oli is an open design system of modular 3D printed parts for distributed manufacturing

Open design is no longer merely a theoretical possibility, but an actual tool to empower users and enable new forms of distributed design and production. The ever-expanding maker movement, easy access to information and digital manufacturing tools demand for new forms of design. Therefore, design discipline and the new maker movement can empower each other to become much greater factors of present social and economic changes. My research lead to the creation of “Oli”. It is a system of modular printed parts, that uses the principles of open and distributed design. These parts can not only be a tool for active environment creation, but also a way bringing greater sense to individual agency.

Mes naudojame slapukus. Slapukai reikalingi, kad svetainė galėtų tinkamai funkcionuoti. Nuo jų priklauso funkcinis svetainės veikimas ir išvaizda.