Kamilė Korsakaitė


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Supervisor: doc. Miglė Kibildienė

UNIT’E is a series of seven objects – connective parts for textile fittings. Four nonstandard elements can be connected, allowing to bring used seatbelts – a resource freely available worldwide – to a new life. Seatbelts, made from especially strong polyester, are one of the few unrecyclable materials in the automobile industry, remaining usable even after the car ends up in the scrap heap.

UNIT’E connective parts are conceived to make seatbelts useful in the manufacturing of handbags, backpacks, cases and similar accessories which usually require belts for their handles, suspenders and other functional or stylistic details. It was essential to make these objects as nondescript, minimal and clearly shaped as possible, to make the product widely and variedly usable. The project aims to not only encourage creativity, but to also urge to do it sustainably, to consider the means and possibilities of contributing to a cleaner future.

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