Karina Pangonytė

Collection NO MORE

Just 40 km from Lithuania’s capital Vilnius, in Belarus, the Ostrovets Nuclear Power Plant is being built. There are many claims that this NPP does not meet international environmental and nuclear safety requirements and the impact of the accident would be felt not only by the nearest cities, including Vilnius, but also by the surrounding area within 1000 kilometers radius. Fearing a potential disaster in Ostrovets, I created an experimental collection NO MORE, which is a protest against the operation of this nuclear power plant. The name of the collection is a direct invitation to not repeat the mistakes of the past, namely the biggest technological disaster of the 20thcentury, the Chernobyl disaster. The collection aims at bringing the attention of the public and media to this nearby threat and at encouraging to take part in the movement for protecting a safe future for Lithuania and other countries.

Garments of this collection are created for a bold city girl who wants to attract attention and express her position against the Belarussian power plan. The entire collection consists of 6 sets that resemble the clothes of the nuclear power plant workers in their design, function and color palette. The range includes: 2 jackets, 2 dresses, 1 overall, a coat, pants, a sweater, a backpack, 2 shirts, and 2 backpacks.

The collection’s accessories were handmade. The garments are decorated with slogans protesting against the ridiculous plan to build the Ostrovets power plant which does not even meet security standards. The protest slogans are printed on fabric stripes made to individual order. Words such as: STOP, NO MORE, DANGER, NO TO A.E. These slogans are written in English, so that they can be understood by most people of the world – in this way they communicate to a wider public.

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