Karolina Morkūnaitė

Conceptual cruiser

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Prof. Saulius Jarašius

This is a conceptual water vehicle, an unconventional vision of modern cruiser based on new solutions of form and function. The exclusivity of this cutter is an unorthodox silhouette with elevated front and rear decks, a centered driver cabin, which can descend down. The cutter is completely protected from waves by combining both decks into one, this also gives space saving and large solid area outside and inside of the boat. All deck’s elements are hidden: stairs, cabin, handrails, tables and seats pop-up from the boat and it transforms into a recreation oasis. The different positions of the roof are designed by covering from the rain and sun, a fully lowered cabin protects the boat from bystanders; it can be called a boat lock, also like the deck stairs, which opens only after entering the code in a touchscreen. This is a recreational bio-diesel powerboat for short 2-3 day inland trips for 4 persons.

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