Karolina Vaikšnytė

Boardgame for Alzheimer’s disease prevention

Vilniaus dizaino kolegija

“Aloizas” (name originated from scientist Alois Alzheimer) is a preventive educative game for helping to exercise motoric and mental skills and to focus attention and to stave off the illness which is progressing very fast. This educative gameis balanced precisely for people who have Alzheimer’s disease. Graphic elements, package and the conception of the game are created after research of target audience, it’s needs and abilities. The game is designed for the people who have easy or advanced stage of Alzheimer’s disease. The game consisting of text, colours, shapes and spatial cognition tasks with different levels. There is a navigation system, which main elements are blue and green colours, because of them it is possible to separate the difficulty of the task. Each player can choose tasks according to their capabilities and needs. A „clock test“ will help to choose a difficulty level.

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