Karolis Bakūnas


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Assoc. prof. Juozas Brundza

In the recent years the sales of vinyl records is increasing rapidly and this means the beginning of new vinyl records’ and gramophones’ era. The users look back to vinyl records not without a reason – analogue vinyl records have the most quality and exceed all other formats. “Reed precision” – it’s a gramophone with lanyard gear created for a real sound lover. Music and audio-equipment has a very important role in his life. A person like this invests a lot into good quality equipment and likes to adjust the appliance himself, with the help of his hearing. For this reason the gramophone has a hand-switch for speed, therefore for changing the speed it’s enough to only lift the lanyard. Tonearm fastening system is the keystone of the project. This exceptional system creates a possibility to use tonearms of different length, adjusting them directly to the gramophone for having the least possible sound distortion. The player was designed in order to make the user closer to music and involve him into playing process itself. Because of the collaboration with the “Tonearms.lt” company, which makes tonearms, but does not have a gramophone, the player has an excellent improvement and serial production potential. Stylistically the product was adjusted to the tonearms produced by the company. According to the requirements from the user, it is possible to change the colour of aluminium or the disk. The product was thought of to the smallest details, such as engine fastening with silicone interim, tonearm disk fixation, adjusting of the height of the legs. I was successful in making a working and nicely playing prototype.

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