Kasparas Starinskas

Work Makes the Man

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Supervisor: doc. Povilas Juškaitis

“Work Makes the Man” is a set of office supplies. Its title summarizes the concept of this work: language can be utilized in creating design objects.

In his personal creative process, the designer draws inspiration from Lithuanian language – one of the nation’s main identifying features. Focusing on the language, he looked for a suitable figure of speech, which could affect the design with its essential charge. Proverbs and idioms appeared most suitable because of their composition: combining words into completely different meanings than those which are usually encountered. In this way, the work looks for a connection between proverbs, figures of speech and design objects. The creative process revealed the ability of proverbs and idioms to influence certain aspects and reveal unexpected qualities of an object. The results of such a process attain an added value, channel a message, which makes the object attractive and exceptional, expands the creative possibilities and strengthens local identity. In this case, the results are: “United We Stand” – a set of desk containers; “Like Axe, Like Handle” – a fountain pen; “Squeezed Like Fish in a Can” – a stapler; “Too Much of the Good Thing” – a ruler; “You Are What You Deal With” – a memo block and “In Through One Ear, Out Through Another” – a case for adhesive tape. The synthesis of language and design is made relevant not only by attempting to create a unique working environment, but also by the fact that 2017 is the official year of Lithuanian language culture.

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