Katryna Sadauskaitė

Experimental light object from reused materials TITALEE

Light is a very special phenomenon which is an integral part of human life. The goal of this project is to show the importance of light in our lives by giving it a new shape.

Light is everywhere around us, even in the most unusual, everyday objects. Sometimes light can be found even in unnecessary materials, that have lost their use and were thrown away. That is why in this object the unique light effect is created by using glass leftovers that are the side result of the glass blowing process.

Even though glass is one of the most recyclable materials, it is very difficult to recycle coloured glass. Glass artists use special powder to create colours, which makes it almost impossible to recycle any glass that is left over from the creating process. Moreover, any additional treatment or processing creates greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. For this reason, the glass pieces in the object are attached using a specially designed system that allows to utilize leftover glass pieces of any size and shape without applying any additional glass treatment processes. The of the design object is open in order to allow people to notice and appreciate reused materials. By creating colourful light patterns, non-recyclable glass pieces demonstrate that there is a way to create a sustainable design and help to notice light in unexpected objects all around us.

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