Kotryna Naraškevičiūtė

Visual communication for Young Designers Unconference

Vilniaus Academy of Arts
Lect. Marius Žalneravičius

„Young Designers Unconference“ – completely new, innovative, perspective, rule-breaking event. It is the first design UNconference in the world and first real design event, whose leaders – the youngest generation of designers. The name of the event itself dictates the condition that “Young Designers Unconference” must have such a visual communication, which would not only reflect itself, but also would show different, young and strong design.

The graphic solutions of the UNconference do not blindly follow the rules of design, play tricks, break conference stereotypes, offer alternatives and thus breathes freedom, drive, innovation, mystique. The work – experimental, and the result – nonstandard, unexpected, however talking and will be used for the international spreading of “Young Designers Unconference”.

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