Kristina Bliumkinaitė


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Assoc. prof. Albertas Domereckas

The modular object of light which can be suspended or set may be considered as a table lamp and it is suitable for decorative lighting. This object, for its simple shape and optimum size, is designed for private as well as for public places. The object’s expansion principle allows to select the number of light modules and to apply its sculpturesque structure by individual needs and environment.

Functional construction gives the opportunity to connect the modules using stainless steel shanks which are easily tackled by lights‘ joint-pins. Also, using them the electrical current is being transmitted: the electrical energy is transmitted from one element to another so the cable is being used only for the source module. That is why, it is possible to use less wires. Nonetheless, the shanks might be used to close the additional constructional parts while hanging the object.

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