Laima Griciūtė


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Prof. Jonas Venckūnas

This project is intended to attract attention to the endagered animal species of Kuršių nerija. The project naturally blends into environment and does not become a foreign body, does not overcrowd it. The author aims at conveying the theme of ecology as naturally as possible so she uses already existing objects (redone stationary binoculars, posters, booklet, light reflectors) which are combined with her graphics. Supplementary graphic elements are also included in the project: a booklet about rare animals of Kuršių nerija with a map showing points where a personcan observe them; a bicycle‘s light reflector with the points along the route. Her aim as a designer is to encourage a viewer to reflect on endangered animal species with the help of visual tools. This work is an attempt to engage a viewer in the
matter, make him limit his actions in the environment of Kuršių nerija, have a look at ecology problem from unconventional and unique perspective. The tasks of the projects are to use already existing elements, to redo and supplement them in order to convey the idea of the project ‘In the Nature Rare Species are Invisible’.

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