Liucija Domkutė


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Prof. Jolanta Vazalinskienė

Production made from python skin becomes a most wanted commodity in fashion tendency already for several years in a row. The image of the python skin created by the fashion industry – sexual, glamorous, luxurious – encourage the users to buy and desire for production, often not even knowing their real value (innocent life, damage to the nature, black market). Pythons – the newest victim of contemporary fashion industry. The primary stimulus to create this collection was the movies from PETAorganization about the cruel unethical conduct with reptiles for the skin industry. The main idea behind experimental collection “Scala” – to create a suggestive fabric – substitute for python skin; with the help of models and photo-shoot to turn the society’s attention to unethical conduct with the pythons, urge people to take thought and take action. The difference between real skin and fabric substitute – a life.

In the phase of experimental research with the use of lining knitted fabric and laser technologies a unique fabric was successfully created. The fabric extends from the movement of the person wearing it, relaxes creating uncommon scale moving notion. This fabric does not only fulfil the artistic, temporary function, but could also be freely worn, used in the industry.

The location of the photo-shoot reveals the inspirational source of the collection – the unethical conduct with the snakes – atmosphere: farms, where they are grown and killed. Scary, cold atmosphere is contrasted against fair and light models. Thus the created collection’s fabric and design is not only the potential alternative for the python skin in the fashion industry, but also a social fight against animal extermination.

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