Mantas Bartkus

Visualization of fashion virus in the context of mass production

Vilniaus dizaino kolegija
Lect. Andra Jatautienė

Menswear collection “Vi” visualizes the stages of development of virus in different ways by changing materiality of patterns, colors, prints. Each item of the collection is a continuation of the recent item by acquiring new forms, cuttings and factures. The graphics of the prints of collection is inspired by the dynamic lines of tribal ritual masks, carvings motifs from the Congo Democratic Republic. This inspiration was chosen deliberately, the primary collection stage dealt with the social dimension of Ebola virus dissemination. Additional graphic forms inspired by the outer structure of the bacteriophage – or a single virus that damages the bacteria. The collection is dominated by black, white, gray colors in addition to use the contrasting yellow and turquoise shades. The latter reflects the colors existing in a brief fashion trends that passage of their life cycle and becomes banal and tired. Black, white and gray colors in the collection reflect the universality and the adaptation the classics with modern and designers’ improved silhouettes. The collection “Vi” is up for young, modern, free-and-easy and trendy man. The man, who is not prejudiced against the consumption and worship of the rich fashion goods, and choose what is relevant in contemporary world.

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