Marcelė Kuliešiūtė

Design object ALIVE

ALIVE is a dynamic object based on biophilic design principles. While researching the topic of alive design, this project was inspired by water – the foundation and source of all life.

First of all, what is biophilic design? This is a relatively new design method, based on the biophilia hypothesis (Biophilia, 1984) popularized by researcher Edward Osbourne Wilson. Biophilia is the innate tendency of a person to seek a connection with nature and other forms of life, or, simply, love for life. With the rapid acceleration of urbanization, more and more biophilic design is used to create favorable living spaces in a modern environment, thus maintaining harmony between humans and nature. Research shows that application of biophilic design methods indoors improves productivity, creativity and well-being.

This object was created based on the research revealing that rhythm or movement, observed in nature, creates a strong impression and a positive impact on a human being. Lightweight, gentle motion provides a sense of comfort and safety. The most important thing in the work is the expression of movement and emotion. The kinetic effect is created by using deep blue color and transparent elements. All parts are fully detachable and recyclable.

ALIVE is designed for public interiors, offices or various public spaces where people spend much of their time. This object was created in order to provide vitality to environments and to remind of and nurture Mother Nature.

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